Meet Peggy, your newsletter assistant

Like a good secretary, Peggy safeguards your attention while keeping you informed about the stuff you like and follow. She'll take over managing your newsletters and subscriptions, keeping your mailbox clutter free.

Her mission is to make marketing helpful, not noisy. And because she works for YOU, you'll have ultimate control, not marketers.

She’ll entertain you when you’re bored. Educate you on the latest as you wait in line. Check for current offers when you want to make a purchase. Provide stuff to scroll through absent-mindedly. She’ll even fulfill calls to action: enter competitions, buy things on sale, register for events. Whatever you like. When you like.

Hire Peggy

Peggy is currently going through the employee onboarding stage. Sign up for an invite to our beta and progress updates. Help us coach Peggy to be the best assistant she can be.

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What Peggy can do that email cannot

Peggy wants to be THE direct marketing channel of choice. And we really believe she offers a whole new world of opportunity

Easy purchases

No clicking through or looking for the credit card - Peggy buys things on the spot, even offline


Help customers remember they wanted to act on your campaign, also via geolocation

Word of mouth

Customers can forward campaigns directly as messages to friends, which they are much more likely to be read than emails

Supreme insights

Peggy knows exactly who looked at your coms, when, why, what resonated

Why re-think email?

Email used to be the first thing people checked in the morning. Today, it's chat apps.
Still not convinced?

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